Animal Crossing has always had different fish spawn in different bodies of water, and at different times of days. For example, you'll catch different fish in the River versus the Sea. However, New Horizons has added some new ones, such as River (Clifftop).

Since there's always some fish that are can only be caught in a specific area (i.e. Stringfish is only available in River (Clifftop)), it would be really helpful to know the different areas I should be making sure to frequently check for fish (or that it would actually be helpful to toss bait into).

What are all the different types of fishing locations that fish can spawn in?


The complete list of possible fishing locations is as follows:

  • River
    • River (Clifftop) - which includes all rivers at least 1 level above sea level
    • River (Mouth) - which includes the portion of the river surrounded by sand
  • Sea
    • Sea (Rain) - not really a different location per se but one fish does specifically require rain
  • Pond
  • Pier
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    Do you know if Pier includes the Airport Pier as well? Or does it only include that solo pier, without a plane? – Wipqozn Mar 27 at 1:51
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    @Wipqozn I believe it includes the airport pier on mystery islands, but I don't think you can fish from the airport pier on your island. – Unionhawk Mar 27 at 1:52

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