Have made an iron farm (Copied Mumbo's iron farm from Hermitcraft S7) and I read something about villages having to be 150 blocks from the iron farm for it to function efficiently. I only read this after building it tho, and there's a village about 120 blocks from the edge of the farm, and I cannot be arsed to rebuild it, so I instead thought it might be possible to get rid of the village? (I destroyed all the beds, workstations, doors, bells, houses and everything I could see that was village related) Any suggestions? It might be something else I've done wrong with the farm idk. Cheers.


In 1.14 the Village mechanics got reworked, and the definition of a Village is the following:

A village needs at least one house and at least one villager in order to be a "village". A "house" is a bed.


In older versions:

A village needs at least one house and at least one villager in order to be a "village". A "house" is defined simply as a wooden door with an "inside" and an "outside".


If you destroyed everything (including the Villagers), then the game should consider the village non-existent, and therefore it shouldn't interfere with your contraptions.

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My first tip is make sure there are absolutely no villagers alive, and there is no proof that a village existed, ie., not a single piece of wood. As @Andruida mentioned, a village needs at least one house and villager to be functioning.

After that, I don't think it's a good idea to copy Mumbo, because he didn't make a tutorial video so he didn't explain everything, and so he might've changed some stuff of camera or you missed this one tiny block. He put a link to the tutorial he followed, so you can check that out if you want to build you're own iron farm.

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Yes you can but if not doing it properly then the golems will keep re spawning

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    so how do I do it properly? there's no villagers there anymore, and it wasn't a big enough village to spawn any golems anyway – MG_blizt Mar 28 at 2:22
  • By keeping them away or move it somewhere – thegamerguy Mar 31 at 3:27

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