In Cities Skylines the Industry DLC added warehouses. The first one you can access I believe is the warehouse yard and as you progress through the game you get bigger options.

My question is, on the budget tab if you go to the industries sub-tab you can see that warehouses have an expense and income associated with them. I assume the expense is the cost of paying employees to work the warehouse.

But where does the income come from? Mine seems fixed at $0.00 for my single warehouse. I thought maybe it was tied to how much it exported stocked supplies but I don't think it is that. I have a huge amount of exports and the warehouse is full of them (generic goods) and it stays at $0.00 for income.

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Warehouse has 3 options:

  • Fill - expense - Just storing goods to max capacity - also import goods if needed
  • Empty - income - Stored goods are exported asap
  • Balanced - 50:50 - exporting everything above 50% capacity and vice versa

I only use Fill for importing goods that I cannot acquire myself. Balanced is good buffer if your own production is not fast enough. Empty for everything else.

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