I'm trying to a create a counter that will be visible only to admins on my 1.15 server.

To do so I create a team /team add staff "Staff"

Then create my scoreboard /scoreboard objectives add counter Counter. But when I try to show it to team staff by using /scoreboard setdisplay sidebar.team.staff counter it tells me Unknown display slot sidebar.team.staff

Any help fix it and make my stuffs working would be grateful. thank


Those slots are for some reason set by colour, not by actual team. I know, the syntax is confusing.

You can assign a colour to a team like this:

/team modify staff color blue

And then show a scoreboard to all blue teams:

/scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar.team.blue counter

This also means that you can have at most 17 sidebars visible to different people at a time, one per colour and one for everyone else (no colour or no team is different from white and you can get it back with /team modify staff color reset).

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