When I take a screenshot my PS4 shows "Screenshot saved" notification, and I think the same happens for videos too. But it hangs there for some time, and if I want to take another screenshot this notification stays there, like this:

Screenshot saved notification

How can I disable these notifications? I want my screenshots nice and clean!


To remove the icon go to Settings > Notifications, scroll to the bottom and uncheck the box for 'When Taking Screenshots'.

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    this doesn't work for me! I unchecked this setting, but notifications are still shown – arghtype Mar 30 '20 at 3:15
  • You can select which notifications you'd like to see by going to [Settings] > [Notifications] > [Pop-up Notifications]. Tick or untick the box next to type of notification to turn them on or off, or you can turn off notifications altogether. – Julian Bice Mar 30 '20 at 3:20
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    this doesn't work for me either. i turned every notification off. i turned literally the whole concept of notifications off... still the screenshot ones plague me. – eruciform Jan 9 at 23:10

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