I forgot what email I used for my Grand Theft Auto 5 account on PC, and now I wonder how I can check it out. I have tried looking it up inside the game, but it does not find anything.

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There are some things you can try:

  • See if you're still logged in on Rockstar's website in any of the browsers you use.

  • See if you have a password vault in one of your browsers that saved that account information for you.

  • Contact Rockstar support. Create a new account if necessary.

  • Log into any of your email accounts you think you might have registered with and search for emails containing 'Rockstar' or 'Social Club'.

  • Depending on the service you use or bought the game from, there might be options there to recover the email address you used.

  • Try logging in to other Rockstar games you have, to see if that Social Club account is the same as the one you use in GTA V.

  • Try 'brute-forcing' your way in with all the email addresses you have. This might take a while, but also teach you to remember or write down your account information :)

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