Where can I find a description of "people icons" in the top left corner of city window?

Freeciv city window: citizen/specialist icons

I guess it has something to do with workers/specialists, but I wasn't able to find it in Game Manual in Wiki pages.

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Happy citizen icons Happy citizens

Content citizen icons Content citizens

Unhappy citizen icons Unhappy citizens

Angry citizen icons Angry citizens


Entertainers icons Entertainers

Scientists icons Scientists

Taxmen icons Taxmen

Workers icons Workers

Farmers icons Farmers

Merchants icons Merchants

Note: Some of these specialists may not be available in your game. It depends on the ruleset you are playing. For example, the classic ruleset only has entertainers, scientists and tax collectors (taxmen).

In your screenshot, there are three happy citizens, two content citizens, and a scientist.

Sources from Freeciv 2.6.2:

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