I am currently playing RS3 and I was trying to level up Agility. I was watching some videos of the new agility course at Anachronia and while watching videos I saw that the players would get 530+ exp for completing a lvl 30 obstacle group. I am doing everything right but I am only getting 170 exp for completing the lvl 30 obstacle. Is that normal? If not, how can i fix it?

P.S. My agility lvl is 41

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There are several things that can influence your experience gains.

  • The Nimble Outfit can increase your experience gain per 1% per piece (6% maximum)

  • Silverhawk boots can also be used to gain extra leveled experience

  • An XP boosting event may be taking place, thus increasing experience gains

  • Bonus Experience may be consumed to increase actual experience gains

According to the official wiki page regarding Anachronia's Agility Course, level 30 course only grants a maximum of 310 xp, thus it's quite likely that the difference experienced may have come from the aforementioned factors

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