I noticed that Krunker.io had an update and has a new season (2). But after that, all items on the Krunker market were affected, and the items from season 1 became obsolete or devalued. Why did this happen?

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So, this can be compared to real life, when all things are temporary. Like, if you have a car, it's price change every year, because new cars are being released and therefore, your car is subject to changes. Comparing this to the Krunker market, the tendency, in this case, is that the most beautiful and new items are more valued by Krunker players.

As a clear example, this graphic below shows that, before SEASON 2, the average sale price of this assault rifle (AK Gold Rush in this case) was much higher (around 1200 KR).

AK Gold Rush average sale price graph

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