Are flowers intended to be the main staypieces of your town and not intended for selling? The reason I ask is because from the flowers I've picked off my own island and from Mystery Islands, the price they sell for is dis-proportionally lower than the other farming activities throughout my island, such as fish, bugs, and metal.


They're not intended to be farmed, if that's what you mean, as evidenced by their going rate.

They contribute to your island's rating and attract bugs.

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    I've heard of some special flowers you can obtain through crossbreeding or golden roses via golden watering can. Are those valuable in any sort of way? – senpai Apr 5 at 6:06
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    As a note on the bugs thing, some species of insects only appear around certain colors of flowers. – n_plum Apr 6 at 12:04
  • @senpai golden roses go for 1000 bells but getting them is too laborious to be a viable farming technique – Wolf Apr 12 at 23:10

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