I am going to blow my mind if there is no person ho can explain how it works:

In overworld i have 2 portals: (OW1): -149 55 -199 (OW2): 60 30 -484

In nether i have 2 portals: (N1): -18 38 -26 (N2): 7 127+ -60

But, as those portals seems far away from each other i was thinking that they are connected as followed:

  • OW1<->N1
  • OW2<->N2

But they connected in line

  • OW1<->N1<-OW2<-N2

Can someone explain what is wrong?

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When connecting two portals, as you are aware, the X and Z values should be divided by 8 on the Nether side. The Y value, however should stay the same.

Also, when talking about portals 'connecting', there is no such thing. The calculation is done EVERY time you step through a portal. Minecraft will work out the co-ordinates where it expects a portal to be, and then begins searching for the nearest one to those exact co-ordinates.

As such, your 'Overworld 2' portal is at Y=30. In the nether, it looks for the portal closest to 7 30 -60, using simple Pythagoras: √(xdiff² + ydiff² + zdiff²)

N1 is √(25² + 8² + 34²), or about 43 blocks away. N2 is √(97²) - which is obviously 97 blocks away.

N1 is closer, so that's where you come out.

To fix this, you should add another portal at y=30, maybe with stairs/ladder up to the higher one. Alternatively, build your overworld portal above y=84ish.


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