Every dragon-element weapon has an Elderseal level, the strength of weakening an elder dragon's power.

Well, except kinsects. Even Switch Axes' Dragon Phial has an Elderseal level, but I have yet to see a kinsect's Elderseal level.

How strong are they? Do Kinsects have low, medium or high Elderseal level? Or not? Or do they depend on a kinsect lineage?

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With an addon called HunterPie (PC only, use at your own risk), you can actually see the Elderseal 'value' (like an ailment value e.g., paralysis value) of a monster.

Striking a Dragon element Kinsect yielded 2~3 Elderseal, which was the same value as striking with Alatreon Star, which has a low Elderseal. Striking with weapons with higher Elderseal levels yielded higher Elderseal values. Also, this value did not change as I change the weapon. Thus, we can safely assume Kinsects' Elderseal plays at the same level as low Elderseal weapons.

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