From what I can tell there’s nothing wrong with the button itself. I’ve tried taking it apart and cleaning the insides and whatnot and that only solved another issue of my triangle button not working but for some reason my r1 button not only works for specifically GTA 5 but whenever the controller connects in another game like cod, as soon as it connects it will throw or grenade or do whatever action is caused by the input of r1 but then not work again. I’m assuming the little plastic thing that detects inputs has a problem with it but I’m not sure how to repair it. Help plz?


Could be possible that something about that button's input is virtually defective. I advise you contact customer support to get a replacement.

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  • Meaning it’s like a software issue ? – BeanboyJB Apr 15 at 6:38
  • I mean the controller is, uum, defective. It's most likely a controller issue. – mindstormsboi Apr 15 at 12:01

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