I had a garage which was full and I had two other garages from other properties so I bought a car and tried to make it deliver to the one that's full as it's my main garage.

When I tried, it said that it's full and I'll have to replace a vehicle in order to get it delivered there. I thought that the vehicle I will choose to replace would just go to my other garage, so I chose Mk II and after it was replaced I can't find it anywhere now. I tried looking at all my garages but nothing. How do I get it back?


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I don't believe you can get it back. You will have to buy that vehicle again!


It is impossible to return it. When purchasing the car you clicked on "Replace".

Even if you contacted R* support they'll more than likely ignore your request, due to the fact you did that yourself.

Kinda rough that you just lost a like 3 mil investment, but there's nothing you can do, sorry.

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