how can i make a system thats detect if a scoreboard value change in minecraft 1.15.2/1.16...

if i have a scoreboard called totalkills and if the scores increase by one how can i detect that? i know you can have a repeat command block running /execute if enity @a[scores={totalkills=1..}] run scoreboard players set @a totalkills 0 and then have a chain commandblock thats detect when that happens… but i dont want to reset the totalkills score everytime.

i read this question but it didnt workt for me i think it was to old or something --> How do I detect if the scoreboard value has changed?

sorry for bad English, thanks for reading :)

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The basic answer is: You don't.

Scoreboards values are like variables, they are meant to be written and read, but a change in them doesn't in itself trigger anything immediately.

You could increase a second scoreboard whenever the first one is at 1, because you decrease the first scoreboard, or, much easier:

Create a second scoreboard of the same type. You use one for detection and set it to 0 every time, like you already do, and the other one you just leave how it is, so that it shows the total.

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    okay thanks but that have i already done. i only wanted to know if it exists a better way to do it. – zombie1111 Apr 22 at 18:44

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