I'm playing on the ps3 version of GTA V. I've gotten up to the 'Minisub' mission, where you have to steal the mini-sub with Trevor. This was after the 'Scouting the Port' mission where you investigate and take pictures of the cargo ship that Merryweather is protecting - but that's the only story mission that would show up.

I played a bunch of strangers and freaks missions that had appeared and nothing else happened I thought that I needed to complete the flight training but that just didn't lead to anything. I waited for moments of in-game time and still nothing. I am playing on the latest version of the game for the ps3 version.

I have completed all of the side missions that were available.

I have checked the character wheel to see if a mission number was there and checked the map with all characters for blips.

I have checked another question that looked similar to my question but when I tried a taxi trick it didn't work and someone had already suggested I try that. another trick that was mentioned on the other question was that I should try flight school with Michael and that's what I mentioned earlier. it also said to go to Ammunation firing range with Franklin but I went there and did some of those with him and still nothing. I have gotten Michael to 100 on flying and franklin to 100 on shooting.

Why aren't any main missions appearing?


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but one thing you can try is to copy your save then delete the old one and try the new one or try to fast travel in a taxi.

  • im sorry but none of these worked.
    – Tardis1015
    Commented Apr 28, 2020 at 22:55

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