Pokémon Go just started letting people access raids remotely using a Remote Raid Pass. I bought 3 and I got a notification saying that Darkari started appearing in remote raids.

But when I go into the Raids tab nothing shows up. It says that there aren’t any raids nearby. To use a remote raid pass do I still need to go out to Gyms? If so than what’s the point of the remote raid pass?


In order to use a Remote Raid Pass, the raid must show up in your "Nearby" tracker. The range is not infinite, remote raid passes will not let you see raids you couldn't see otherwise, and they have not added a way to be invited to a raid you cannot see yet.

Under the icon for the raid in the Nearby tracker, a small "View" button will be visible that will take you to the gym, similar to when you click on a defender pokemon to visit the gym it is in. Once at the gym, the "Join Lobby" button will be blue and say something to the effect of "At this distance you will need to use a Remote Raid Pass to join this raid." Click the button and it will put you in the lobby.

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The remote pass lets you participate to a Raid remotely (range is not infinite either, but it's still rather large like maybe 500 meters or so), but a Raid must still be on-going. They are still popping up as they always did, which means that there isn't going to be any after 9 or 10 PM at night for instance.

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