Are there any repeatable missions with optional objectives, so I can redo the OC/DC Challenge if I reset challenges?

I know that if I have the Holodome, there's at least a repeatable side mission there, once I do all the initial missions, so I can redo the "Little on the Side" challenge...

But, can I not reset if I want to get OC/DC to Level 5?


No there isn't. There is no repeatable missions in Pre-sequel. And the one you talked about above, The Holodome one, isn't really repeating a specific mission, it's playing a mission that has the same objectives.

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  • Thanks! So, am I right that repeating that missing would at least count to "Little on the Side"? – Malady May 15 at 21:30
  • @Malady yes I think you could say that it counts. You're welcome. – I.LOVE.BORDERLANDS May 16 at 18:14

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