I'm looking for details about how to best use the Triglav protector, as both the pilot and the gunner. The wiki lacks damage numbers on the gunner abilities, and in the middle of a game I'm too busy fighting to look closely at the numbers; so that makes it rather hard to figure out the optimal rotation for the gunner.

When should it be used to target heroes vs buildings, should I charge the same structure or move between structures when shield is on cool down. what combinations of abilities for the gunner has best dps for either buildings or vs players? Basically how do I make sure I'm not wasting the protector if I hop in to pilot it?


as both the pilot and the gunner

Firstly, you shouldn't ever put two people in the Triglav Protector if you say in commanding the strategy. It is a waste of potential damage, as a single Hero will do the job as efficiently as two Heroes would, without leaving you missing an additional damage dealer.

To use the Triglav Protector as both the Pilot and the Gunner, is to use it like Sgt. Hammer. Pilot it to a building, then switch to gunner mode and gun down that building. Rinse and repeat after you're done. This is only for sieging structures.

In the case of a team fight, you'd want to use its shields instead. Unlike the underwhelming damage of the Gunner, the Pilot's shields are pretty powerful. So you'd want to stay in Pilot mode and use the Shield-Emitter every time it is off cooldown (16 seconds). Launch the Rocket Fist to disrupt their formation, and Charge at their carry/support as the rest of your team backs you up. You can switch into Gunner mode after exhausting the cooldowns in Pilot mode, but I would prioritize using the Pilot's Charge and Shield-Emitter.

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    I'm pretty sure they changed this so that you can't switch stations and the protector got some sort of power boost if two players were in it to avoid this very strategy did they not? – dsollen Aug 4 at 16:12

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