I got Persona 5 Royal the other day. It occurred to me however that unlike Persona 3 and 4 that got expanded versions later on (Persona 3 had FES and Portable and Persona 4 had Golden) neither had DLC for it and unlike generally I would expect all the DLC to be self contained in a Game of the year Edition (ie. Borderlands, The Witcher 3) and I wouldn't call these Game of the Year Editions.

So does Persona 5 Royal have all of Persona 5's DLC?


Persona 5 Royal does not come with the original Persona 5 DLC automatically installed, but you are able to download the Legacy DLC Bundle free of charge

The 'Persona®5 Royal Legacy DLC Bundle' comes with all the additional content from the original Persona®5.



It looks like it comes with all DLC included.

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