I cannot seem to figure out how to hit Death with the pumpkins on the Lovegood's Lunacy board of LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7. Anyone know what I might be doing wrong? I can pick them up, spin them and throw them but they don't get near the grimm. They're all really weak throws. I'm playing on the Wii.


After donning your invisibility cloak and sneaking across the screen you will encounter a pumpkin which can be levitated.

On the Wii this is accomplished with Z on the nunchuck. To get the pumpkin rotating you press in a direction. If you press it any direction but straight to the left you will get the weak throws. Pressing left will magic-bullet-targetting-system onto Death and you can bean him.

I'm advised that this problem on the Xbox involves using the B button, not the X button, to pick up the pumpkin in the first place.


Pick up pumpkins with Z button, hold Z while spinning with nunchuck forward. Release Z button while pointing the nunchuck's analog stick to the left. The left direction is key here.


Aim to the left with the nunckuk all the way and wait, it will fly over and hit him.

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