I am working on upgrading the Adrestia and need large quantities of wood to do so.

What methods can I employ to yield the largest quantity of wood in the shortest amount of time?

I have been cleaving ships to earn wood, and buying it from blacksmiths where possible.


The best method and quickest method in the game:

  • Travelling between blacksmiths and buying olive wood

When travelling between backsmiths they will not always stock up, however, you can expect about 4 out of 5 to stock it and you'll generally get 100+ stock

best alternative method:

  • Raid and battle boats

Not as efficient as trading.

Other ways to obtain olive wood:

  • Complete contracts with a chance of getting olive wood

  • Pillage nation chests with a chance of getting olive wood

Personally, when I was trading I would simply continue as normal completing quests and any blacksmith that I encountered or was "only slightly" out of the way would be where I bought my olive wood, although I'm guessing you recently hit level 25 which is why this is now your focus.

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    Worth mentioning that looting the war supplies in forts yields wood also. So make sure to loot before you burn them. – David Yell May 9 '20 at 11:22

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