When spawning a villager with a spawn egg, if the villager spawns with a profession, there is no way to reconvert them to another job.

Is there a command to specifically spawn a butcher for example? Or an unemployed villager?

Keep in mind that I am on Bedrock Edition.


Yes there is, if you have no other workstations in the area he will eventually change professions according to the workstation you have in place, the more tied down to a profession this villager is (meaning the more you've traded with that villager while it had said profession, the longer it can take for it to start looking for a new profession upon destroying their workstation) the rules for the profession a villager has is: one villager per workstation, so as long as you either have no other workstation (as I mentioned) or all the other workstations are taken and there is an un-hired villager you can choose it's profession.

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