The documentation has this to say about Space Modules:

Space Modules are the most expensive parts of spaceships. There are three different types of Space Module:

  • Habitation Module: provides living space for 10,000 people.
  • Life Support Module: provides food and water for the population of one Habitation Module.
  • Solar Panels: provides the energy needed for any two of the other Modules.

You can build up to 4 Space Modules of each kind.

It's easy to identify a Solar Panel Module: Freeciv spaceship solar panel module

But what about the Habitation Module and Life Support Module?

Freeciv spaceship module Freeciv spaceship module

Which is which? Is the one with four circles a Habitation Module or a Life Support Module?

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The spaceship sprites come from a sprite sheet (data/misc/space.png):

Freeciv spaceship sprite sheet

Excerpt from this sprite sheet's spec file (data/misc/space.spec):

tiles = { "row", "column", "tag"

  0,  0, "spaceship.solar_panels"
  0,  1, "spaceship.life_support"
  0,  2, "spaceship.habitation"
  0,  3, "spaceship.structural"
  0,  4, "spaceship.fuel"
  0,  5, "spaceship.propulsion"
  0,  6, "spaceship.exhaust"


Freeciv spaceship's life support module is the life support module.

Freeciv spaceship's habitation module is the habitation module.

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