I was playing around with the Minecraft April Fools 20w14infinite snapshot, mainly using the /warp command to warp to other dimensions.

The Minecraft Wiki provides many different easter egg dimensions that can be accessed with a certain target string to warp to the easter egg dimension.

But however, there is no documented warp target string that will let you return to your normal dimension and spawn.

Is there any way using /warp to return to the normal spawn dimension without using /kill @s?


All the numerical dimension IDs (which all text input to /warp gets converted to, that's why /warp overworld doesn't work) are for either a randomly generated dimension or one of the easter egg dimensions. Overworld, Nether and End are not accessible this way.

You can use /execute in overworld run tp @s ~ ~ ~, but be careful, this puts you at the coordinates you currently are, but in the Overworld, it does not select a proper spawning location for you. You could use /spreadplayers (archive), but even that behaves differently from /warp (for example if you use it in the Nether, it puts you on top of the bedrock roof).


Using execute in <dimension> will run the command in that dimension. Therefore, the way to the return to the overworld:

/execute in minecraft:overworld run tp @s 0 100 0

Or if you know a set of coordinates in the OW, you can teleport there.


I've tried both /warp overworld and /warp <world name> (The world name for the world I was using was 'TEST'). It seems that /warp can't take you back. If you don't want to use /kill, then you will have to use a regular portal (No books). If you don't want to use /kill or portals, you won't be going to the overworld in that world.

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