I am trying to make it so that when a player jumps, their xp goes up. I have already set up the scoreboard command (/scoreboard objectives add jump minecraft.custom:jump "Jumps") and I am also trying to figure out how to use /execute to see if that score has increased, and if so, run /xp add @p 1 level. (Using /execute as would be preferable because then I wouldn't have to specify what player to add the xp to.)


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First add another scoreboard which will keep track of the Jumps scoreboard

/scoreboard objectives add prevJump dummy

Now we will check if jum is higher than the last time we checked

/execute as @e if score @s prevJump < @s jump run tag @s add addXpLevel

Then we update prevJump

/xp add @e[tag=addXpLevel] 1 level

/scoreboard players add @e[tag=addXpLevel] prevJump 1

/tag @e remove addXpLevel

This will also give you 2 levels if you would jump twice in the same frame. This might be more usefull for other uses.


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