I'm trying to find all shrines in Zelda BotW and I was wondering if there is any shrine that is both unable to be detected by the Sheika sensor and is not a Heroic quest. I'm referring, for instance, to Tho Kayu Shrine, which is not part of any quest but only appears after you kill the Moldora and light four torches.

  • If I recall correctly, you can still access the Tho Kayu Shrine without killing the Molduga that guards it. Makes it more difficult, but still possible – Wondercricket May 27 at 12:39
  • @Wondercricket yes, you are correct, but I think you still have to light up the torches though – skd May 27 at 15:45

Saas Ko'sah Shrine qualify I think. I'm not aware of any quest for it, although if I remember correcly, there's a character that give a hint about it in a stable.

It is located

in Hyrule Castle, dock access

and can be found by

lighting the big brazier on the upper platform.

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  • But isn't this shrine also detectable by the Sheikah Slate (which is part of the OPs question)? – Wondercricket May 27 at 12:37
  • Well it's buried (coming out of the ground when you trigger the action put in the spoiler tag) so I guess not, but I cannot check since it would need to start a new game and goes all the way to Hyrule castle. – JFL May 27 at 12:56

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