What differences are there between "Batman: Arkham Asylum" on PS3 and XBox 360?

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Here's a comparison


Although both consoles had issues, the PlayStation 3 had a few less and having a camera that shows more helps when being attacked from all angles, or if you need to find a place to hide.


Both consoles dropped frames and there was screen tearing. It would have been nice to see one console with neither screen tearing nor frame skipping.


Tie. Identical controls.


Tie. The PlayStation 3 has a 1 gig install that took only 3 minutes and yet one could argue that with a mandatory install, PlayStation 3 should have performed better. However the latter could counter that if the Xbox 360 had a mandatory install it should have done better…which we know is impossible since not everyone has a hard drive.


Although we’re pretty sure you’re gonna be happy with buying Batman: Arkham Asylum on either console, we believe the PlayStation 3 is the better game even if it wasn’t a perfect win.

And here's a little more serious one


On PS3 you can play as Joker in the challenge levels.


In terms of gameplay? None whatsoever. The visuals are a bit different on each system, as seen in this article.

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