I'm playing Minecraft Java Edition v1.7.5, on Windows Vista. I started a survival mode game about a week and a half ago. I have cheats turned on, and can use /spawn for example, but I don't have the /locate command - if I do, for example /locate Mansion it says "Unknown command - check /help for a list of commands" (or words to that effect).

I've checked the list of /help commands and it isn't listed there. Has it been taken out of the game? I don't even know if i'm playing an up to date version or if it's just the last version that worked on Vista or something.

It's disappointing as I want to go on a quest to find a Woodland Mansion with my son, but it will take too long to wander around and hope we see one - i thought if I had the coordinates then it becomes like some big adventure expedition where we have to travel for days to reach it, which sounds like a lot of fun.

These are the help commands I do have access to:

achievement give

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    1.7.5 doesn't include Mansions either, so even if it supported locate, you wouldn't find any of them. – MBraedley May 27 at 19:56
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    Are you a time traveller? 1.7.5 was the latest version in 2014 and regular support for Windows Vista ended in 2012. On the other hand, woodland mansions and /locate were added to the game in 2016. Please tell me you're not currently in the process of messing up the flow of time! – Fabian Röling May 27 at 22:44
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    But seriously, if you're still using Windows Vista, you should switch away from it ASAP, because you're 8 years behind current virus tech and patches against viruses, on a system that was not very secure at its time anyway. Windows 7 is approaching its extended support end as well, Windows 8 is even worse than most Windows versions and Windows 10 already comes preinstalled with spyware, adware, etc., so I recommend switching to a Linux distribution. Ubuntu for example is a user-friendly one for people who are used to Windows. In Minecraft I would recommend updating, but you don't have to. – Fabian Röling May 27 at 22:48
  • I do have Linux on that same machine - I only use Vista in rare situations and I generally prefer not to use Windows. I had some compatibility issues which meant I couldn't install Minecraft on my Linux installation, but maybe I should try again. It is an old computer and pretty creaky. I'm sad to say i'm not a time traveller. – Max Williams May 28 at 7:40

/locate was not added until version 1.11, and it was expanded in 1.13. So no, there is no /locate in 1.7.

1.7 is quite an old version. If you can, you should consider updating Minecraft if possible.

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  • thanks. Do you know, if I reinstalled Minecraft in a newer Windows, would I be able to carry on my Survival game? Does my world get saved on a server against my account? thx – Max Williams May 28 at 7:41
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    No, worlds are not saved on account, they are locally on your computer. Head to C:\Users\[your username here]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves on Windows to gain access to all your worlds. Each folder represents a world. Copy that folder to an external disc/cloud. Then on the new computer, download/copy the files to the same folder on the new computer! – ExpertCoder14 May 28 at 14:59
  • thanks - would that work if transferring from Windows to Linux? – Max Williams May 28 at 18:10
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    Linux location: ~/.minecraft/saves/. You can copy the folder into there. – ExpertCoder14 May 28 at 18:28
  • Great, thanks a lot. – Max Williams May 29 at 9:46

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