When multiple target selector arguments are listed, it selects a player who only meets all the criteria listed in the target selector.

How can I make it so that the target selector is valid if at least one condition is true, not all of them?


You cannot do that. You have two options:

  1. Have one command per possibility.

  2. Invert the check and the arguments (not always applicable):

    /execute unless @s[tag=!a,tag=!b,tag=!c] run […]

That command runs if you have either tag a or tag b or tag c, because it says "do not run this if I do not have a and do not have b and do not have c, otherwise run it".

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  • In what case(s) would option 2 be inapplicable? – ExpertCoder14 May 28 at 4:45
  • Firstly, you can't for example do if(a&&b||c), secondly this doesn't work if you need it in at or facing or anything else in which the as reference needs to stay on something else. – Fabian Röling May 28 at 8:05

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