Does anyone have a consistent way of getting Mireille's/Gatekeeper's missions in Chapter 9? (Ie. "The Price of Thievery" and "Shear's Counterattack")? Every guide I've read online contradicts another one.

I followed the steps in PowerPyx's guide on my first playthrough:

  • Sam Dialogue (Chocobo Cowboy): When describing Tifa to him pick “She’s great at handling the books”.
  • In Wall Market, don’t talk to the guy in front of the hotel and don’t talk to the hotel receptionist.
  • In Wall Market, Ignore the Johnny Discovery Event (where he runs away) and head straight for the main objective.
  • When Sam does the coin flip, pick “Heads”.
  • Pick the most expensive massage “Luxury Course – 3000 Gil”
  • When Aerith asks how you like her outfit “Looks comfortable”.

PowerPyx is usually pretty reliable, but I follow these instructions and I did NOT get the alternative missions. On my next playthrough I just picked the following options:

  • She's in great shape
  • Didn't talk to the hotel people
  • Ignored Johnny
  • Heads
  • Luxury
  • Alright

And I still didn't get the alternative missions. I'm about to start my third and I don't know what to select... :(

IGN's guide says:

  • Do not participate in Sam's coin toss
  • Choose the Expensive Massage Course

Gamerant's guide says:

  • Choose "No deal" during Sam's coin toss.
  • Receive the "Luxury" from Madam M.
  • Say "It matter what I think?" or "Looks comfortable" when asked about Aerith's dress.
  • Complete the Vagabond Johnny discovery side quest.

Another guide says:

  • Hotel guy: How much?
  • Sam: Tails
  • Massage: Luxury
  • Outfit: It matter what I think?

Yet another says:

  • Don't talk to the hotel guy
  • Sam: Heads
  • Massage: Luxury
  • Outfit: Comfortable

Surely someone knows the 100% definitive way to unlock them properly? All evidence seems to suggest it's completely random? Thanks.

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It seems Game8.co's guide has the answer. Phew! This worked for me:

enter image description here

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