Backstory: My friends and I go are both pc gamers and go round each overs houses (not anymore obviously) for sleepovers. Because we are on pc there aren't many games we can play together.

Problem: We are both massive Minecraft lovers and we were wondering if we are able to play Minecraft together on the same machine with different accounts with different input devices so theoretically we could play on the same server together? We have searched everywhere and didn't find much. We were wondering if we could do this through a Virtual Machine maybe? It's just the only issue is that we cannot have the same window open at the same time...

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    Sending signals to two windows at once will be the real issue. Please add information on which operating system you're using, because the answer will heavily depend on that. It might even be a better question for superuser.com, reworded as "how to send mouse/keyboard inputs to two windows at once" or similar. I have definitely seen a Windows tool for two mouse cursors before, but even that is not guaranteed to work with Minecraft's custom mouse handling. – Fabian Röling Jun 1 at 21:12
  • Partially related though that question is about using 1 account for 2 Minecraft clients – Unionhawk Jul 1 at 0:23
  • I don't see a practical way not to use a second machine (a couple impractical, sure). The other machine might be very weak though, a quite antique laptop or a really lousy PC running Windows XP or such. Use Remote Desktop or similar 'remote computing' software to connect to the "good" machine, and use the laptop as thin client, sending key/mouse events and receiving screen data from the other machine. – SF. Jul 1 at 8:38
  • @SF. How does that differ from just plugging in a second mouse and keyboard into the first computer? There is fancy stuff like a multi-mouse mode in X11VNC, but again, this depends on the operating system, and might not work well with Minecraft. – Fabian Röling Jul 1 at 15:54
  • I'm not aware of ability to have 2 separate user sessions simultaneously locally on any Windows computer - but you can have a local and a remote session just fine. And I don't think the asker uses Linux. – SF. Jul 1 at 16:01

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