I played Mardek chapter 1 offline. After reaching the chapter 1 endscreen, I saved the game and loaded it on chapter 2, but loading the save on chapter 2 immediately takes me to the chapter 2 endscreen and offers to save it for chapter 3. Viewing the save on chapter 1 or 3 correctly identifies the save as the beginning of chapter 2 (and therefore unplayable on chapter 1 and 3), but on chapter 2 it doesn't load correctly and brings me directly to the end.

How can I get the save file to load from the beginning of chapter 2 as it should?

More details: My save files are all found in the correct place in a folder named localhost. The game files I used were downloaded (chapters 1-2 from Crazy Monkey, chapter 3 from Kongregate) and were run with an offline Flash (32) player. I found through searching that someone else apparently had the same issue, but the fix is irrelevant to me, since all of my files are local and have never been moved.

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