I have Minecraft Dungeons for Nintendo Switch, and I'm trying to add my second joy-con on Switch for local co-op. The console recognizes both as connected, and other local multiplayer games like Mario Kart work fine, but I can't figure out how to add the 2nd controller to Dungeons:

enter image description here

The screen says "press (something) to join", but no button on the 2nd controller triggers any reaction. From videos on YouTube etc, it looks like usually it says press L/R to join, but there's no indication of what to press on my screen. How do I fix this?


It seems that the game is asking you to click on the stick (which is considered a different button in itself).

It should allow the second player to join.

  • Yes, I've tried moving the stick as well, doesn't work :/ – lambshaanxy Jun 9 '20 at 12:55
  • Did you specifically try clicking (like pressing the stick toward the controller) ? You should hear a little click. If you are familiar with Sony, they call that R3 and L3. – Fana Jun 9 '20 at 14:57
  • OMG that was it! Can't believe it was so simple, thank you! – lambshaanxy Jun 10 '20 at 11:57
  • Your welcome ! ^^ FYI, this input can be used in lots of games, especially if you are playing with the Joycon sideway. It might even be used in Dungeons to lock a target or something like that. – Fana Jun 11 '20 at 7:38

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