I'm trying to create a theme park, but I forgot to make my world flat before creating it. I've already built a lot so I don't want to destroy my builds. I've tried the /replaceitem command, but it didn't work.

Is there an easy way to get rid of all the trees on my map without destroying my creations?

  • what version and platform are you on? – Awesome Gamer 333 Jun 9 at 13:45
  • For your version of BE, I am assuming that it is the latest update, 1.14.60 – fasterthanlight Jun 10 at 17:12

you can use/fill (corner one) (corner two) air replace oak_log this will change all the oak logs into air blocks in the chosen area, you can also do as many have suggested and also use /gamerule randomtickspeed 100

I hope this can help you!

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  1. Type /gamerule randomTickSpeed 1000 in the chat and press ENTER.
  2. Break the wood blocks of the trees.
  3. The leaves will automatically disappear.
  4. There is no faster solution without using mods, add-ons, or plug-ins. /replaceitem is used for different purposes other than manipulating blocks in your world.
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  • Given that the leaves will decay very quickly, items like saplings and apples may rain down from the sky, so would we want to add /kill @e[type=item]? – fasterthanlight Jun 10 at 16:44
  • Yes, that would be a good suggestion. – ExpertCoder14 Jun 10 at 23:34

I just tested this and it works (burnt down an ecosystem)

Go into settings to set random tick speed to 4096

Next, get flint and steel (assuming it can't burn down)

Then Go HAM! Spam click everywhere

Hopefully, that helped.

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  • This is kind of copied from my solution below, the fact that you are using a similar premise by changing gamerule randomTickSpeed. Please remember to credit a post or acknowledge that you are adding onto my post. – ExpertCoder14 Jun 9 at 20:15
  • sorry this was my first awnser – Locomeon Jun 9 at 20:16
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    also 4096 is the max randomtick speed :) – Locomeon Jun 9 at 20:17
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    Thanks everyone for the help – Jordan Houghtaling Jun 10 at 14:07
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    yes I make worlds devoted to killing all the tree – Locomeon Jun 10 at 21:36

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