I'm trying to be able to hit a button, and 5 out of 6 times have nothing happen, but on the 1 out of 6 time, I want it to give a pulse output. This is to make a Russian roulette game, I'd like the input to be a button because I want to charge tokens to play it on a server with friends.

If you press the button, there's a 1/6 chance that a dispenser will fire out a single tent, and a 5/6 chance that nothing happens.


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This method makes use of the fact that non stackable items emit a higher comparator signal than stackables.
Take 5 dirt blocks(any 64 stack item) and a sword(any unstackable). Put these 6 items in a single dropper and take another dropper, make these 2 face each other.
Every time the dropper fires, it will throw out a random item. We can take a comparator output from the second, and if there is line strength more than one, [insert deadly roulette trap here].
If u want it to be a one in six chance, give a signal to second dropper to reset it. If u want it to fire once every six times, make the second dropper output to a locked hopper instead, and using a comparator, detect when 1st dropper is empty and unlock the hopper to let the items in(don't directly unlock hopper from 1st observer comparator output,use a pulse extender to let all six items back).

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