Why can't I build a campus in the middle of these mountains?

Some items of note: I harvested some stone off of that tile. I annexed the tile into my city using a great merchant that allows me to do so.

Can't build campus in the middle of these mountains


You can only build districts in a 3 tile radius around your city, and that tile is 4 tiles away.


You cannot place districts in other cities' territory, even if these other cities belong to you and the tile in question is up to three tiles away from the City Center

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    As a side note, almost everything else to do with cities respects the three-tile distance: working tiles, buying tiles, placing wonders, and culture bombing (because it adds tiles to the city). Only unit actions and effects - placing improvements, open/closed borders, and effects that care if you're in friendly or enemy territory - count tiles that are "yours" but away from your cities. – Cadence Jun 15 at 16:22

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