I am attempting to build a 6-piston extender in Minecraft Bedrock Edition to show my friends, but I am trying to make it so that it uses as little observers as possible, and has one side completely visible a player (i.e. left side has redstone, right side is empty except for a few repeaters and redstone). So far, the mechanism is a mess. Though it works and one side is easily visible, the back and top of the extender is a mess of observers, repeaters, and other redstone. Towers of observers are extending above the machine, as well. Is there a simple way to compact a 6-piston extender, using minimal observers?

As I cannot include screenshots, I will provide a brief description about the mechanism:

  • Its main body consists of six pistons, arranged horizontally, with a diamond block at the end.
  • One side of the piston extender is completely empty, except for a lever, and some redstone and repeaters for the basic extension.
  • The other side is a mess of observers, redstone, blocks, and repeaters.
    • The mechanism stretches 6 blocks above the pistons, and 3 blocks below. It is 16 blocks wide, and 13 blocks long.
  • Towers of observers line the tops of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pistons.
  • What's your current setup? (image preferred) – ExpertCoder14 Jun 18 at 2:18
  • Six pistons in a horizontal row, with a lever on one side (the visible side), and a mess of redstone wire. Sorry, but I am unable to add screenshots. – fasterthanlight Jun 18 at 2:33

Unfortunately, there isn't a very efficient way to do this. However, these videos may help:

- Insane piston extenders, by Mumbo Jumbo

- Infinite piston extender, by Tsskyx

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