Version: Minecraft Java Edition, 1.15.2, server

Is there a console command, or area on the Debug screen, for querying how many total, already been generated and stored chunks which make up the entire current Minecraft world?

I know there are Minecraft Commands around querying for on chunks which are currently loaded, but not total generated.

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To answer my own Question, there isn't a vanilla Minecraft Command to retrieve the total chunks that have already been generated by the server.jar.

There is, however, MCA Selector. It's a tool which can be used to edit a Minecraft world with a top-down view. MCA Selector also has a readout of block and chunk coordinates which can be used to derive the area of chunks generated previously.


For an upper bound, you can look at your Minecraft data folders, specifically in your world folder in saves the folders region, DIM-1/region and DIM1/region. Each file in those contains up to 32×32 chunks, so your maximum is 1024 times the number of files there.

For more details, you could use NBTExplorer. It shows you all the chunks that are actually contained in these files. But that's a very manual process, so the other answer is probably better.

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