The first time I'm using /schedule but when I try to call a function using schedule from my main function it only works if I schedule it with 1 tick essentially just calling the function. I just tested it in 1.15 and I guess it is intended, but then what is the /schedule command good for? Sure you can make the function call itself, but I want the function to only be active whilst I call it from the other function to make it more optimized.

Example: schedule function pack:data/animation 10t doesn't work, but schedule function pack:data/animation 1t and schedule function pack:data/animation 10t replace works.

  • Is your main function running every tick? – MegaCrafter10 Jun 22 at 14:52
  • @MegaCrafter10 yes I run the main every tick through the Minecraft tick function – nisse26a Jun 22 at 15:23

/schedule is used to delay the execution of a function. If all you want to do is execute a function from another function, I recommend using /function pack:data/animation instead.

Also, running schedule function pack:data/animation 10t from your main function won't work since it's executed every tick. The reason is that the main is re-scheduling the execution of the animation function every tick.

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  • I'm of course already calling functions but thank you for clearing up my confusion about the schedule command. Though my other question is still how would I call a function only at certain times and have it then run at a specific tick? Would I have to make the schedule have tags and remove them? That seems pretty inconvenient – nisse26a Jun 22 at 16:47
  • Another option is to use a scoreboard timer. Simply create a scoreboard objective, increase it by 1 each tick, run the command when the timer reaches a specific value, and reset the timer. – MegaCrafter10 Jun 22 at 23:06

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