I know this is a somewhat generic question around the web, but looking from search results--my situation is unique?

I gave two of my PS3 controllers to my little sister cause she was playing tomb raider on her PC; she said the first one I gave her was buggy, and she returned the second one when her PC crashed; when I got both of my controllers back, I plugged them into my PS3: the buttons would just keep pressing themselves even after multiple resets and using the cable. The controllers worked perfectly fine before I handed them over to her; I honestly don't know how to fix it now. She was using SCP Toolkit to connect it to her PC.

My assumption is that SCP Toolkit messed up something logically. Before i gave two of my controllers to her, she complained a bit about how her controller was randomly pressing buttons--I've used and maintained the controller she has in the past: and, it always worked great. So, I do believe it's a logical issue related to SCP Toolkit.

After cleaning them, and resetting again: they still don't work. I'm out of ideas on how to solve this issue--hope the community here can help me.

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