I'm having a hard time finding games that meet these requirements. At the moment I spend a long time downloading a game only to find it won't work with a handheld controller. Can I search by this compatibility, or does anyone have a list published anywhere of eligible titles? Thanks!

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    @Batophobia Please don't answer in comments. Jun 23, 2020 at 16:31

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Yes, partially. Steam search has a built-in filter feature, this URL will give you games:

  • That you haven't ignored [if you're logged in]
  • That are not in your library [if you're logged in]
  • That have full controller support (not only PS4, but controller. You can't specify PS4 controller. Should be fine, still)
  • That are for macOS

You can improve the search by editing the filters on the right side menu. And you can read more about the search features in this announcement.

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    SteamLabs, a third-party site, also has some support for this. And PCGamingWiki has "Controller [Support]" and detailed "Controller Types" info listed for many games, especially the most popular ones. So, @Phil Brooks, you could find games you like with controller support and look them up on PCGW to make sure they support PS4 controllers.
    – l3l_aze
    Jun 24, 2020 at 21:09

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