So I have been working on this map in Minecraft in a 1.12.2 server. It is mostly done. I'm trying to set it up so when a player kills 10 of each mob in each room a redstone block is placed opening a door. I set up the scoreboards for each mob and they work. The reset command for the scoreboards work and if they redstone block is placed it runs just fine as well. This is the command I have to far for the zombie room.

/execute @a[score_Zombie_min=10,c=1] ~ ~ ~ setblock 8810 40 8843 minecraft:redstone_block

Problem is it doesn't work or does what it isn't supposed to do. I'm not sure how to change it or why its not working. Could someone take a look and tell me where I went wrong please...?

  • What exactly is not working? Is the redstone block placed but the door isn't opening? Is the redstone block not being placed? – ExpertCoder14 Jun 25 at 2:06
  • The redstone block isn't being placed. It doesn't even look like the command block is being actived at all. – Garnet Jun 25 at 3:35

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