I'm trying to use worldedit in a commandblock to randomly change colored concrete. I've tried using this command:

//pos1 81,69,-72 //pos2 -75,64,-72 //set 10%minecraft:red_concrete_powder,10%minecraft:orange_concrete_powder,10%minecraft:yellow_concrete_powder,10%minecraft:green_concrete_powder,10%minecraft:blue_concrete_powder,10%minecraft:purple_concrete_powder

I can do that command as a player but it wont work with command block. Is there a way I can make this work or am I doing something wrong. I've also tried:

//replacenear 7 red_concrete_powder,orange_concrete_powder,yellow_concrete_powder,green_concrete_powder,blue_concrete_powder,purple_concrete_powder,white_concrete_powder 10%red_concrete_powder,10%orange_concrete_powder,10%yellow_concrete_powder,10%green_concrete_powder,10%blue_concrete_powder,10%purple_concrete_powder,10%white_concrete_powder

as player and it would work. I'm using version 1.15.2.

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