So I am working on a minigame server and i need to test for ALOT of areas in the world and when players fall into them.

I'm trying to use the relitave x~ y~ z~ for this but in this command:

execute if enitity @a[x, y, z, dx, dy, dz] 

But this doesnt seem to work when I use ~. any way for me to make this work?

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    "this doesnt seem to work". What happens instead? – pppery Jun 28 at 21:09
  • @pppery It probably throws an error. – John Jun 28 at 22:01

/execute if entity @a[x=-5, y=63, z=2, dx=2, dy=2, dz=2] enter image description here

p.s.: it doesn't work with ~ ~ ~, you need to insert the exact coordinates

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