I had the brilliant idea of adding Excel and PowerPoint to my library as non-steam games (yup...). At some point, I wanted to remove them. However, surprise, surprise, the "Right Click / Manage / Remove non-Steam game from your library" option was gone. In fact, the only option I got from Right Click was "Launch", "Add to Category" and "Properties".

So I spent a couple of minutes looking around and the best solution I was able to find was a way to remove all non-steam games from the library. This didn't work for me, since I only wanted to remove those two and keep the rest.


Non-Steam Shortcuts are saved to the file .../steam/userdata/{user ID #}/config/shortcuts.vdf. It is a binary VDF (Valve Data Format), and so is hard to modify without using code to read/write the file, or a hex editor if you're okay with that. There's some unofficial documentation which could simplify using a hex editor though.

  • Will take a look once I get home. Looks promising. – CMDR Hermit Aug 6 '20 at 8:52
  • It should work as Valve does not change important core parts of the Steam client often because there's so much legacy code to worry about breaking. Lol. – l3l_aze Aug 6 '20 at 17:17

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