I have a Minecraft Bedrock server up and running on my LAN (local network).
I play on my server using my phone (Mincraft for iOS).

Recently I bought Mincraft for PS4, just to enjoy the game on a larger screen and with real controller ;-).
I was able to connect to my server and played for few hours. Yay! (the server showed-up in the Friends section, tho)

Today, I lunched the game again on my PS4 and tried to connect to my server.
But the console is only showing me the Plus account advert. wtf? :’(

I don’t need to connect to online services to play my local server, do I?


Actually it just worked! can play my server on PS4 again. no hacks involved whatsoever, I can just connects normally via the Freinds list as before! wierd.

EDIT: It happens over and over again, only not when I use RemotePLay.

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