My minecraft screen flashes and glitches weirdly everytime i move. The inventory flashed like crazy and items in my inventory, hotbar and hand flash continuously, sometimes turning into other items for a moment. If you want to see how it glitches click here. I've tried reinstalling the game and even deleted the '.minectaft' folder from appdata. I run it on the lowest possible video settings. I ve tried turning on and off Vsync but it didnt help. I play on an HP 15 notebook connected to an external monitor(I've tried without the monitor to no avail)

  • Prehaps your graphics card isn't up to date? When I play games that require a better GPU then the one I currently have on my computer, the graphics will tend to spaz out and flash intensely. – BlueTangsRock Jul 9 at 8:37
  • Minecrafts minimum requirements say that I need to have at least Intel Graphics 4000. My laptop is slightly better than that. It should be running smoothly with low graphics but for some reason it isnt. – Raihan Ur Rashid Jul 9 at 9:18
  • What update version on MineCraft are you playing? This may be good to know, as snapshots and newly released update versions are known for having glitches and issues. Also in my experience, playing older update versions can also run somewhat better than newer updates on low-end GPU computers. – BlueTangsRock Jul 11 at 8:28

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