I play Minecraft Java 1.16.1 Creative Mode on TLauncher.

I recently made a single player offline new world in which I did not change any setting except changing to Large Biomes, cheats on and Creative Mode. I've been looking for some mobs to kill but they're not at all spawning anywhere.

I've tried making spawners, using spawn eggs, but they appear for a split second then disappear.

I've also tried /gamemode doMobSpawning true

Please help as soon as possible.

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    Turn your game mode off “peaceful” to easy, medium, or hard. – Dan Bron Jul 9 at 19:44
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    Are you on Peaceful mode? – FTL's account will be deleted Jul 9 at 21:22
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    @Akif_614 You can always post your own answer to your own question and mark it as the solution. – ahmettrPro Jul 23 at 1:37
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    I’m voting to close this question because it's asking about illegal software. – Fabian Röling Sep 20 at 14:55
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    This "TLauncher" seems to be a real pest, I see it all the time here. – Fabian Röling Sep 20 at 14:56

You're on Peaceful mode.

If the player is on Peaceful mode or spawn-monsters is set to false in a server's server.properties file, hostile mobs won't spawn.

There are 2 outcomes for when 1 of the conditions mentioned above is met:

  1. Not spawning at all
  2. Despawning in a split second

The first outcome is for when you try to use spawners, in which hostile mobs won't spawn, no matter what lighting level you are on.

The second outcome is for when you try to use ways such as commands or spawn eggs, in which you'll see the mob spawn, but then despawn in a split second. This is more common than the other since spawners are rarely ever used for maps or are rarely ever encountered in survival, which in most cases the player or the server doesn't happen to be meeting any of the conditions above.

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