I’ve got two Minecraft servers running in a Docker. Each server runs on a different port: Bedrock_Server_1 on default port 19132 and the Bedrock_Server_2 on non-standard port 19140.

I can access them from most devices, but not from my PS4. PS4 doesn’t support servers yet. But it does support “Friends” and I can connect to one of my servers, the one that uses the default port 19132.

I wonder if it would be possible to make the Server_2 appear as a separate device (with e. g. different IP) with the default port 19132?

I was trying to redirect the port with the Proxy running on the Raspi but got stuck...

Sorry if it is a noob question...

I have attached schematics: enter image description here

  • I think it could be set-up with a VLAN, so each container has a separate local IP and runs on a default port, but I wasn’t able to find any good examples on how to do it on a MacOS. – Maciek Rek Jul 21 at 10:10

Bedrock servers don't show up as LAN games unless they're on the default port. There is a command which can be executed on servers to transfer a player to another server (/transferserver). This works with PS4 to send it to any server. So run a dummy server whose sole purpose is to provide a hub world. Wire buttons to command blocks in this hub world which will run the transferserver command and connect the player to the other servers.

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  • I tried transferserver but it doesn’t seem to work on the official Bedrock server right now. (It is also possible that I type it incorrectly) – Maciek Rek Jul 21 at 10:13

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